Though the world has been shaken up by the COVID-19 crisis, it’s also given us pause for thought in regard to how we’re doing things and living our lives. Sobering images last year of crystal-clear canals in Venice and a peaceful Times Square in New York have made us all think much harder about sustainability and the ways we can create a cleaner planet. But some countries have been thinking about these issues long before March 2020 slowed us down. EV’s represent the future of auto travel and electric mobility is one of the strongest solutions in the fight for sustainability.

With ROLZO offering responsible electric travel all over the world, here are some countries that are leading the way for electric mobility:


If the 20th century was the American century, then one could certainly argue that the 21st century is China’s. Of the 7.2 million EV’s on the world’s roads in 2019, 47% were in China. And while its significant manufacturing capabilities have never been in doubt, the question is whether it would be able to innovate to the same degree as its rivals. That question has now been answered. Today, China is not only the biggest producer of electric vehicles (and by some distance), it is also a trailblazer in the lithium-ion battery technology that powers EVs as well as smartphones and other mobile devices. China also accounts for over half of the world’s electric chargers.

With its massive population and fast-emerging middle class, China has a ready-made domestic market that’s able to support innovation while sustaining high levels of production. And with the Chinese government pledging to convert the nation into an international innovation leader by 2030, expect electric mobility to stay at the top of the agenda.

ROLZO cities in China include Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Lijiang and Hangzhou.


Home to some of the world’s most esteemed manufacturers, German innovation is a reliable contributor to the progress of electric mobility. With cutting edge technology provided by BMW’s i models and Mercedes Benz’s EQ range, Europe’s largest economic power is producing some of the finest luxury EV’s on the market and perhaps changing the image of electric cars along the way. It’s one thing for a relatively new name like Tesla to try to convince the world to buy into EV’s, it’s another for a renowned giant like Mercedes Benz to invest so heavily into the technology.

And with news last year that Germany will require all petrol stations to provide electric car charging, there’s no doubt as to how serious the country is about embracing EV’s for the foreseeable future.

ROLZO cities in Germany include Frankfurt, Berlin, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart, Gelsenkirchen and Leipzig.

United States

Although sales had a slight downturn in 2019, the USA is still a huge part of the EV drive. And leading that drive, of course, is Californian manufacturer Tesla and their insatiable thirst for exciting new electric technology mixed with a splash of style. With over 500,000 units sold, the Model 3 is now the best-selling electric car in history and its launch outside of the United States has only expanded Tesla’s reach. 1.6 million plug-in electric cars have been sold in the USA since 2010, with incentives such as federal tax credits offered on a huge number of EV’s to keep up the interest.

The USA has had a love affair with the automobile for many years and car ownership is deeply woven into the fabric of society. Of course, that means that it’s also one of the world’s largest polluters, but on the other hand there’s enormous potential for the USA to lead the way to a cleaner future if the nation can become convinced that EV’s are the way to go.

There are over 80 ROLZO cities in the United States including New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.


Outside of China, France leads the world in its adoption of light-duty EV’s. With almost 500,000 registered in France since 2010, it’s the Renault Zoe that has really caught the public’s imagination and its sales alone have now crashed through the 100,000 mark.  One particularly unique development that occurred in the first six months of 2020 was the record sales of EV’s in France, achieved despite the strong global decline in car sales due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

What does this show? It means that there’s a clear appetite for EV’s and perhaps a longer-term change in perception of what they represent in France. In fact, a study by OC&C showed 77% of French people are considering switching to electric or hybrid technology for their next vehicle – the largest of the five countries that took part (China, the United States, Great Britain, and Germany). In its actions and its words, France is working strongly towards sustainability.

There are 20 ROLZO cities in France including Paris, Marseille and Lyon.

As the numbers in China and the attitudes in France have shown, change can happen if we want it to. And with EV use now on a relentless upwards trajectory, from North America to Europe and across to Asia, it’s clear that the change to a cleaner planet has already begun. Find out more about ROLZO’s EV options right here

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