It’s time to re-think lockdown travel options

The pandemic has caused many disruptions in everyday life, and travel is by all means one such area that had to adapt in order to survive. For example, the air travel industry has seen a drop in air passengers from 4.7 billion in 2019 to only 2.2 billion this year. This indicates that increasingly more passengers are travelling domestically, replacing long-haul, high-contact journeys with regional trips that are accessible by car.

According to the Department for Transport, over 80% of all trips in the UK are made by car, van or taxi, which demonstrates the central role of the automobile in facilitating mobility needs. Nevertheless, car ownership has become increasingly inefficient due to high depreciation, insurance costs, road tax, and car-free zones in major cities. Consequently, reputable car rental companies, including ROLZO, have taken it upon themselves to provide a safe, flexible, and reliable travel solution tailored to passengers’ needs. This article explores the various factors that make car rentals superior options to taxis, buses, and trains and why you should start considering them.

Reduced physical contact

If we think about how the Coronavirus is transmitted, namely directly from person-to-person, it becomes easy to understand the benefits of travelling in a rented car.

“Remember that most of the transmission of the coronavirus is respiratory — it’s not through inanimate objects,” says Dr. Thomas Russo, chief of the division of infectious disease at the University at Buffalo. Therefore, car rentals automatically remove the risk of contamination from sharing the same air space with dozens of strangers.

Nevertheless, if you are sharing a rented car with unfamiliar passengers, for example on a business trip with associates from different cities, transmission risk can be minimised by wearing face coverings. Car sharing between friends or family members can also be an intelligent solution to reduce the cost of the rental.

Stringent cleaning and disinfecting procedures

Although privately owned cars also allow for minimal physical contact, face coverings are rarely worn by the driver and other passengers. What’s more, privately owned cars are scarcely cleaned and disinfected as often as rentals.These factors combined make us question and doubt the protection provided by our own vehicle. 

ROLZO promises a COVID-SAFE  traveling environment for their passengers, with cars being completely disinfected before and after each booking. 

“We use best-in-class cleaning practices to maintain the highest standards of hygiene and make every journey safe. Every touchpoint is sanitised and all cars are completely disinfected before and after each booking. Vehicles come equipped with hand sanitiser located in the central armrest, and – in major European cities – with a protective screen acting as a health safeguard. Moreover, our chauffeurs wear face-masks at all times and are checked for signs of COVID-19 twice a day. Travellers’ safety is ROLZO’s top priority.”

Tom Ripert, Founder and CEO at ROLZO

When it comes to public transportation including trains and buses, a similar level of safety is nearly impossible to reach by public transport operators. Although additional measures may be introduced during peak-time traffic, it is unrealistic to completely sanitise the vehicle each time a traveller joins or leaves the journey. 

The reassuring human touch of an expert team

Apart from the occasional cleaner you may spot in train stations, there is no way of knowing how COVID-proof public transport truly is. In the absence of cues indicating to a sanitised environment, travellers’ fear of infection restricts their journeys to essential commutes. 

Moreover, passengers fail to find reassurance when travelling in a regular  taxi. Whether the car was disinfected prior to your journey is something of a hopeful wish and the driver may not always be equipped to answer all safety related questions, such as what product was used for sanitising.

So how can car rentals boost traveller confidence during such uncertain times? As mobility experts, we pride ourselves in providing the most up-to-date information relating to your travel plans in line with the local regulations. Should you have any question about an upcoming trip or need support on travel, please contact our dedicated team who will be able to advise you. Our team is working daily with experts and local authorities to ensure that you reach your destination quickly and safely.

“If our clients request a certain brand of sand sanitiser, we will place it for them in the armrest compartment of their vehicle. If they enquire about which cleaning products we use and how often we use them, we offer transparent answers to reassure them at every step.”

Tom Ripert, Founder and CEO of ROLZO

With a ‘second wave’ of COVID-19 infections and winter upon us, travel options have become more limited than ever. Finding a travel solution that combines uncompromised safety with convenience is a real quest, which is hardly satisfied by public transport providers, taxis, and even your own car – depending on how it’s maintained and cleaned. Car rentals are no longer your go-to place for foreign business and leisure travel. Instead, they are bound to become an indispensable means of everyday transportation for a growing majority.

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