ROLZO has selected ClimateCare to offset its carbon emissions with projects that cut carbon and improve lives. As part of ROLZO’s approach to take responsibility for its impact on the environment, it has partnered with climate and sustainable development expert ClimateCare to offset carbon emissions associated with its travellers’ journeys.

Through its partnership with ClimateCare, ROLZO takes responsibility for its climate impacts by supporting carbon reduction projects that deliver positive sustainable development outcomes. It purchases verified carbon credits to offset the carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted by ROLZO journeys based on the number of miles driven in cities around the world.

As well as taking actions to reduce its footprint through providing access to sustainable journeys in electric vehicles, unavoidable emissions will be offset through projects including two world-leading clean cooking projects in Bangladesh and Ghana. ROLZO supports projects that both deliver positive outcomes for the environment and improve the lives of local communities. With ROLZO, travellers and travel managers know that the climate impacts of their transportation and car rental are reduced.

“We are delighted to work with experts in this sector, ClimateCare. They have over 20 years’ experience running some of the most innovative and largest voluntary carbon offset programmes in the world. Working with them has allowed us to take full responsibility for our carbon footprint and integrate action to tackle climate change and improve people’s lives.” Tom Ripert, Founder and CEO at ROLZO.

ClimateCare’s Head of Client Services, Aude Duquesne explains: “We work with forward-thinking organisations to turn their climate responsibilities into positive outcomes. Our trademark Climate+Care approach helps organisations take a smart approach to address their environmental impacts by offsetting their carbon emissions through projects which also support sustainable development”.

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