ROLZO’s travel guide for Christmas

The itch for winter travel grows day by day, particularly when we head towards Christmas and the New Year. But with COVID-19, the atmosphere has changed – compromises had to be made in the name of health and safety. However, the spirit of Christmas prevails, as it did for countless years. The time of a warm family gathering, opening presents together, gorging scrumptious meals and enjoying winter resorts all around the world. Christmas is everywhere this winter even in the heart of travel.

Will we be able to travel for Christmas?

According to Conde Nast, the UK government have arranged a new set of post-lockdown restrictions and areas of the country which will be divided into a tiered system. Households now are permitted to mix between 23rd and 27th December – a Christmas bubble of up to three households. In addition, people are allowed to travel freely between different countries on those dates. Such countries included in the current UK corridor travel list are the United Arab Emirates, Ireland, Malaysia and Hong Kong. The United States are planning to lift travel restrictions on visitors from 28 European countries and Brazil, although the situation there is more serious. France and Italy will also lift restrictions in the Christmas period, but with tight regulations to control crowds.

Our service is still operative globally – as well abiding by regional COVID-19 regulations. ROLZO’s COVID-19 safe travelling environment balances comfort and stability with thrill and adventure. 

Recommended destination in Europe: Zagreb, Croatia

COVID-19 status [subject to change]: Restrictions are on-going and health protocols are still operative. Travellers from countries not on Croatia’s exempt list must provide a negative PCR test result when entering the country. 

Why travel to Zagreb: Zagreb is the heart of Croatia’s vibrancy. The capital city is an attractive destination all-year-round, however, it gets particularly merry around Christmas time. Deeply established in rich tradition and history, Zagreb’s wintertime joy consistently ranks as one of the best destinations to visit in Europe.

What you can do: Visit Zagreb’s Advent in Ban Josip Jelacic with its score of Christmas ornaments. Indulge in the city’s Christmas program, revelling in its markets, entertainment events and fresh local produce and souvenirs. Gaze at the beautiful frozen waterfalls at Plitvice. Go ice-skating in King Tomislav Square.

Recommended destination in North America: Aspen, Colorado

COVID-19 status [subject to change]: Visitors are required to bring a negative COVID-19 test result. Personal gatherings are limited to 5 people in all public and private settings.

Why travel to Aspen: Famous for its ski resorts and outdoor adventures, Aspen of Colorado remains a sweet heartfelt place for many American vacationers all year-round. The beloved Rocky Mountains mark the town as a must-visit destination for the holiday season.

What you can do: Partake in 12 Days of Aspen, a special program for families and couples that covers a wide range of activities such as art workshops and eating fine food. Ski at the esteemed ski areas of Aspen – Snowmass, Buttermilk and Highlands. Admire the town’s illustrious Christmas tree lightings including the 93-foot tree in front of Aspen’s Sardy House.

Recommended destination in South America: San José, Costa Rica

COVID-19 status [subject to change]: Majority of San José’s regions are in Yellow Alert (moderate risk). Travel health insurance is required to enter the borders. Visitors are also required to complete a health pass. A negative COVID-19 PCR test result is not required.

Why travel to San José: The capital of vibrant Costa Rica, San José is a medley of natural and urban fascinations. Built on coffee trade and “golden bean” plantations, the city has grown to be a Latin American gem. Christmas in San José are quite warm and tend to be extremely colourful.

What you can do: Venture on exciting eco-adventures. Surround yourself with San José’s potpourri of Christmas lights during Festival de la Luz. Melt away in the city’s stunning parades including the Tope Nacional de Caballos (national horse parade). Gorge in Costa Rica’s traditional Christmas meals.

ROLZO’s premier service for the winter holiday 

ROLZO’s cutting-edge transportation creates meaningful experiences with extraordinary service all year round. Whether it is Christmas season or summertime, ROLZO adjusts its service to harmonize with the season – so when you travel in an exclusive car rental or via a chauffeur-driven vehicle, your adventure memories are made more precious and individualized. Operative in over 60 countries, 300 cities, and 500 airports around the world – and holding strong through COVID-19 difficulties – our mindset prevails and so is our guardianship of transformative travel experiences.

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