Journey through the UK’s sublime routes

Snaking mountain passes with views looking out over miles of open vistas. Sprawling country roads that cut a path through verdant fields. Bustling city streets lined by historic architecture and stunning modernism alike. The United Kingdom is home to a great many spectacular journeys.

Blakey Ridge

What was once a route used to transport iron ore is now one of the UK’s most prolific roads for sheer driving pleasure. A winding, undulating expanse of smoothed tarmac reaches out into the distance, cutting a path through picturesque villages and verdant landscape alike. The road is a flowing one, and an absolute pleasure to take on.

The Romantic Roads

If you’re looking to take the scenic route out of London, the Romantic Roads offers miles of winding tarmac lined by gorgeous scenery. Taking you over rolling green hills and through narrow country roads, the route is a quintessentially British driving experience, dotted by idyllic locales. The Cotswolds provides a peaceful stop on the country route, replete with quaint stone buildings and a gently-meandering river.


With the window down or the roof folded back, the light sea breeze rolls through. Gentle waves lap against the distant golden shore, the azure sky painting a backdrop against both. Sandbanks’ scenic views, composed of pale houses and vibrant greenery set against the shore, immerse you in coastal luxury.

The Old Military Road (A93, A939, B976)

Hills rise above you, flanking the flowing route. Winding paths cling to the valleys’ edges, giving you witness to their gorgeous views. A canopy of trees casts shade over the path. Every part of the Old Military Road’s varied views exude a distinct sense of majesty, tinged by rustic charm.

EVO Triangle

The EVO Triangle’s sheer straits stretch into the distance, marked by gentle turns and sharp corners. Named after the titular car magazine, the 32-kilometre expanse of tarmac is a first-rate testing ground for supercars. Its winding expanses and crisp country air feel like an invitation to intrepid drivers, calling them to conquer it.

Black Mountain Road

Black Mountain Road is undoubtedly a route for thrill seekers. Straights carve a path into the verdant Welsh landscape, and reach ever-higher towards the titular mountain’s peak. Hairpin turns punctuate the road, offering stunning views over rushing mountain rivers and sweeping vistas alike. Every inch of the journey through the pass is unmistakably wondrous to behold.

Snake Pass

Snake Pass provides no shortage of breathtaking experiences for the intrepid driver. Spanning 7 kilometres from Glossop, its serpentine curves and formidable ascents make it an astounding  route to take on. Majestic views lay beyond its hairpin bends – mile upon mile of rolling greenery, the nigh-endless view reach out into the distance beyond you.

Atlantic Highway

Reaching from Devon to Cornwall, the Atlantic Highway is flanked by utterly stunning scenery. Hills blanketed in rich greens and vibrant flora skirt the route, their lofty heights providing a gorgeous view of some of Britain’s finest coastal vistas. Crystalline water lapping at golden sands line the Atlantic Highway, while a gentle breeze rolls in from distant oceans.

Bealach na Bà

Bealach na Bà’s single-track ascent is a haven for the adventurous and the experienced. At a height of 626 metres, the hillside climb is the third highest in Scotland, and delivers magnificent views over the sprawling landscapes below for those daring enough to traverse it. Take the wheel, and feel the rush.

Whether you seek a spirited sprint across lengths of the open road or the thrill of traversing a mountainous ascent, the UK’s routes deliver exemplary driving experiences. With ROLZO’s fleet of luxury cars available with just a few taps, your experiences are enhanced from the sheer exhilaration of an Aston Martin’s performance to the ruggedness of a Range Rover, ROLZO provides you the perfect car for every moment.

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