What sets chauffeurs apart

Whether a passenger is travelling to a meeting, needs a vehicle for an airport transfer, or simply wants one for personal purposes, every journey is unique. The number of passengers being driven, the type of car they wish to be driven in, the route to be taken, and the time they need to arrive at – all of it can create challenges when it comes to choosing between private chauffeur services and regular taxis. With this in mind, we have laid out what sets chauffeur services apart from other transport options, mainly taxis, and detailed what makes chauffeurs an exceptional option.

The perfect car for every moment

Perhaps the most obvious difference between the two types of transport service is the fleet available. A taxi service’s selection of cars will generally be limited to more widely-spread makes and models, such as Toyota Priuses or Volvo minivans. While functional, a Prius is not as likely to provide the same level of comfort as the vehicles available to you with a chauffeur service. This is evident in more than just the quality of the vehicles themselves. While the make and the model of the car has a pronounced effect on the journey, it is far from the sole factor. A taxi service may only offer a limited range of vehicles which, while functional, may not cater to the specifications you or your client have in mind. Some services may not even offer a range at all, instead of specialising in a single type of vehicle. 

On the other hand, a private car service will provide a range of makes and models to suit its passengers’ every need. Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Cadillac, Bentley, even Rolls-Royce – all of these prestigious brands have world-class models that span from sports cars and convertibles to SUVs and executives available to be hired. A sleek Mercedes-Benz executive or full-size vehicle that creates a serene environment for you to work and meet clients in during your journeys, a finely-crafted Lincoln SUV to see a family to the airport in unequalled comfort – all these and more are available to those using a chauffeur service, with an experienced private driver taking the wheel.

Interior features tailored to your needs

A chauffeured car – be it an executive or full-size vehicle, an SUV, or a limousine – comes with more than just the features that it left the factory with. From wifi on-board to stocks of drinks, tissues, and other amenities, a chauffeur service sees to it that each vehicle is well-stocked to make certain that every luxury that you could ask for is available at any time during your travels. Complete control of the car’s environment is granted to its passengers as well, with features ranging from the temperature to the music being the passenger’s choice.

Unparalleled comfort and convenience

One of the more outstanding advantages offered by a chauffeur service is the private driver themselves. Their duties extend far beyond simply carrying passengers from one point to another. Whether you request their services simply to journey between destinations or to accompany you throughout the day, a chauffeur sees to it that you are taken to your destination promptly and in utter, unrivalled comfort. Moreover, a chauffeur will adjust to your own timeline and be ready to take you to your destination as soon as you are.

The highest level of qualification

Chauffeurs are held to a higher standard than most other drivers. A thorough vetting process is in place to make certain that those behind the wheel are able to uphold the high standards required of them. Before being hired, all chauffeurs have undergone a screening and background check. Once chauffeurs have passed their background check, they then go through an advanced driving training programme, and they are professionally taught the art of customer service. The chauffeurs must conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times and make it their number one priority to ensure that the passenger is always satisfied.

Reach your destination safely

In the event that a passenger requires additional security during their journey – high-ranking politicians for example or celebrities of great renown – armoured vehicles and armed or unarmed security chauffeurs can be requested, providing extra protection and peace of mind. Security chauffeurs are trained to react to any potential danger at a moment’s notice and respond accordingly, with many having backgrounds driving vehicles for the police, military, or diplomats, giving them training and experience far beyond what is considered the standard for a private driver.

All in all, private transportation services provide an elevated level of service, comfort, convenience, and safety.

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